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How do you measure correctly?




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This is how you measure correctly.

Use a tape measure, take measurements, write down the measurements and use the size chart to find out your size.


Take a jacket that fits you well and take your measurements.

1. Chest: The chest of the jacket is measured below the armpits at the widest part of the torso.
2. Waist: You measure the waist at the widest part of the buttocks.
3. Shoulder: You measure the shoulder from the shoulder bone to the collar



Take a pair of pants that fit you well and measure your measurements.

1. Waist: The waist of the pants is measured at the top edge of the waistband.
2. Hip circumference: The hip circumference is measured at hip height of the trousers.
3. Inseam: Hold the tape measure against the inside seam of the pants. Start at the crotch and measure down to the bottom edge of the pants.


To choose the right glove size, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your hand below the ball of your hand and above the base of your thumb – around the open, slightly bent hand.